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If you would like to get information about the weather on your Glance, you need to go to Glance App Store and add the weather app to your dashboard. Glance uses as its data source for weather. The weather service will display the current temperature, barometric pressure, atmospheric conditions, sunrise and sunset times, and many other weather parameters.

Glance clock weather location

Once you have the weather app on your dashboard, you need to select one of the modes of the Glance clock to display the weather conditions. To get the current weather forecast, simply allow the Glance app to read your location data or select your country and city. Then, you need to select a temperature format: Celsius or Fahrenheit. Later on, we will add an option for selecting a format to display the barometric pressure (hPa, mmHg, or Hg). 

Once you have completed the initial settings, you have several options to display the weather on your Glance clock. 

Glance clock weather as clock face

1. Weather As a Clock Face (ACF)

If you would like to see the current temperature on your Glance clock face all the time, you can select this option. In this mode, the current temperature is always available at a glance. The temperature value is updated every 15 min, so it's very much online. We are working to make this parameter customizable, which will allow you to select the parameter you want to see on your Glance. You can select one of the following options: the current temperature, feels-like temperature, humidity, or barometric pressure.

An additional feature in the ACF mode is displaying sunset and sunrise time. Several hours before sunrise or sunset, you will see the colored marks in red (sunset) or blue (sunrise). These marks are located at the time segment when the event will happen today. 

Glance clock weather on schedule

2. Weather Periodically

If you are interested in knowing more than just the current temperature, you can set weather notifications that will give you information about the current weather and other parameters every 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. There are two modes available: Simple ("Temperature") and Detailed ("All"). In Simple mode, the Glance clock will show you just the current weather and the current weather conditions. In Detailed mode, the Glance clock will show the sequence of parameters like the current temperature, the daily temperature range, the feels-like temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

The weather conditions are shown by different animations displaying on the Glance clock colored screen. There are animations for sun, rain, clouds, snow, fog, hail, and hurricane conditions. You can see a combination of two animations showing one on the top-side of the screen and another on the bottom part of the screen for conditions like partly cloudy, snow with rain, etc.

Glance clock Weather Feels Like

Feels like

Glance clock Weather Temperature Range

Temperature range

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Glance clock Weather Atmospheric Pressure

Atmospheric pressure