Glance cloud

How does Glance clock get data?

Glance clock uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) on your smartphone. Your phone pushes new data to the Glance clock when it is available.The Glance app gets data from the most popular services. Using the mobile app, you pick your favorite services. You add information that you want to see on your Glance clock.

Glance cloud data flow

We use Apple's so-called silent push notifications to deliver information to your clock when the app is in the background. 

If you're using iOS 11 and your clock might not get notifications and updates when the app is in the background. This is an iOS bug that prevents the app to be woken up when it's not active. Some information might not be delivered to Glance clock due to this issue. 

Apple released iOS 11.1 in October when the delivery mechanism was improved. Before the iOS 11.1 was released, we were looking for an alternative method to deliver notifications to your Glance, and we found one. Try iBeacon and Always On features. These features are designed to keep the app awake while you are in the Bluetooth range of your clock.

With iBeacon mode enabled, iOS can wake the Glance app up when your phone enters or leaves the area of your clock. In the future, this feature will allow us to update your clock instantly when you get to your home or office. 

Always On is another feature to help the Glance app be active while you are near your clock. Once your clock gets connected to your mobile device, the clock will start updating one Bluetooth characteristic every two minutes. thus, your clock will get updates when one is available on the Glance cloud side.