General questions

What about shipping and delivery?

Usually ships within 7-14 days.

Please remember that the delivery of your order is the responsibility of the shipping carrier (USPS, FedEx, DHL). 

Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, you must reach out directly to the shipping carrier selected during checkout to resolve delivery issues. You should have your tracking number ready when reaching out to the shipping carrier.

How does Glance clock get data?

Glance clock uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on your smartphone. Your phone pushes new data to the Glance clock when it is available. 

Glance App gets data from the most popular services and smart home devices. Using the mobile App, you pick your favorite services. You add information that you want to see on your Glance clock. Day by day Glance clock will analyze data and set your personal profile. Based on the profile, Glance clock determines what information should be displayed and when. You can set your own scripts and rules how and when you want to see information on your Glance clock.

Does it have a mobile app?

How many users can use one Glance clock?

Up to five users can connect to one Glance. Each person might have his/her own preferences, so Glance will display specific information that is relevant personally for you or for other family members.

How bright is the Glance clock's display?

Glance clock is bright enough so you can see information clearly during the daytime or in the evening. It has a light sensor and can dim the screen brightness depending on ambient light.

What are the clock dimensions?

Glance clock is ~9in (227mm) in diameter, ~1in (29mm) thick, and weighs 420g

How is Glance clock powered?

The main power supply is 5V/1.5A USB adapter. You can connect Glance clock to a power source by 3m (10ft) cable provided in the box. You can leave the cable plugged in all the time while using Glance clock.The clock also has a backup battery to keep clock fully operated for at least two (2) days. This time depends on your usage pattern, the less you use the clock, the longer the battery life.

Usage questions

What to do when you get your Glance Clock

  • Before turning on your Glance clock download the latest Glance App from the App Store
  • After unboxing we recommend connecting your Glance clock to a power source using the power adapter and cable that comes in the box. 
  • Now you can turn on your Glance clock. You will see a "Hello" message on the display of your clock.
  • Once you see that animation on the clock, you can put the clock aside and launch the app.

Glance Clock pairing

  • Follow instructions in the app to pair the clock with your mobile device.
  • When the pairing process is complete, please, wait for clock hands to finish moving. 
  • When the clock hands stop moving, check that your clock shows the same time as on your mobile device. If not, please refer to the Troubleshooting section below.
  • The app should offer to update Firmware. Please, update the firmware.
  • Once the firmware is updated, your Glance clock will restart.
  • Now you are up-to-date. 

What does Glance clock display when my phone is away?

If you set any app in "as a clock face" mode on your Glance, information will be on the screen for max 30 min after the connection with a phone has gone. The information will come back within 15 minutes after the connection with the phone is back. 

All notifications are in real time, so there will be no notifications if the connection with the phone has been lost.

If you set a timer or have an alarm clock, Glance will alert you when the timer ends and will alarm at the selected time even if the phone is not present.

Glance shows time and date regardless if a phone is present. The clock has a presence sensor so it shows information only if somebody is present.

Does Glance clock keep Bluetooth connection all the time?

Glance is not always connected to your phone. Your phone connects to your Glance at the moment the information is ready to be displayed or updated on the clock face. At the rest of the time, your Glance is disconnected from your phone. 

Can I adjust brightness of Glance Clock?

Yes, you can adjust the brightness of your Glance's display in the Settings menu in the App. Glance also has an automatic brightness feature that automatically adjust its brightness according to the ambient light level. 

Can I mute all sounds of Glance clock?

You can enable Silent mode in Settings of the Glance app. The Silent mode mutes all sounds from your clock. It will display all notifications and animations but without any sound.

Does Glance clock have a do not disturb mode?

Yes, Glance clock has the do not disturb feature. Do not disturb mode has two options:

  • permanently block all notifications ("Do Not Disturb")
  • block all notification by defined schedule ("Scheduled")

What is Night Mode for?

Night mode activates a digital clock that you can see at night when the hands are not visible. In Night mode all integrations that set up As a clock Face (ACF) are disappeared, the sound is muted, but notifications will still be displayed.

Can I adjust sound volume of Glance clock?

No, you can not adjust volume of Glance clock.

How long does the backup battery last?

It depends on how many notifications you get. If you turn on dots/date/time or any app in "as a clock face" mode, the clock can run a few days without power source connected. Once the battery reaches a certain battery level, you will get notified via App in the following sequence: 

  • < 50% threshold - push notification “Your clock reaches 50% battery level. The display has been dimmed more” + no in-app banner 
  • < 25% threshold - push notification “Your clock reaches 25% battery level. The display and sound have been switched off” + in-app banner 
  • < 10% threshold - push notification “Your clock reaches critical battery level. Please charge immediately” + in-app banner

Apps questions

Can I reset or update my password?

Yes you can change your password. If you are logged in, go to Settings > Account (icon in the top right corner) > Change password.

If you are not logged in, tap "I already have a profile" > follow instructions.

How to turn off alarm on Glance clock when it is ringing?

There are three ways how to switch off the alarm:

  • There is a pop-up message on your phone at the moment the alarm is ringing. If you tap it or swipe on the lock screen it will open the Glance App and switch off the alarm. 
  • You can shortly press the side button on your Glance and the alarm will go off
  • The sound will automatically go off in 1 min if you don't do anything

What is the Private mode in the Calls app?

The private mode is required to receive calls because of iOS architecture. A Bluetooth accessory should continuously be connected to a phone to display calls and notifications from a notification center. Sorry, Apple developed iOS in this manner, we can't overcome it.

If you would like to see calls on Glance clock you need to switch it to the "private" mode. In this mode, the clock will display information and notifications only from your account.

If you want to share your clock with someone else, you should not use the "private" mode, and all other integrations will work for both of you.

If you activated the "private" mode and want to disable it, please switch it off in the Glance App then go to your phone Settings > Bluetooth and find "Glance clock_xx" there. Please go back to the Glance app, the app should show you a window to enter the 6-digits code that will be displayed on the Glance clock face. 

NOTE: You need to activate (switch off and back on) the private mode after updating Glance App. 

How can my Calendar be displayed on Glance clock?

Google, Apple and Outlook calendars can be displayed in three modes: 

  1. "Appointments notifications" - show notifications about an upcoming appointment by following alerts in the event settings. For example "10 minutes before the event"
  2. "Day schedule as a clock face" - show all your calendar appointments in next 12 hours from the current time constantly
  3. "Day schedule periodically" - show the digest of your Calendar events in next 12 hours every 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes

What are those red and blue sectors highlighted with the Weather app in "as a clock face" mode?

When the Weather app is enabled in the "as a clock face" mode, you can see red and blue highlighted segments on the clock. The red segment shows the sunset time. There is another one in blue color for sunrise. These segments appear several hours before sunset/sunrise and disappear after that.

Where can I check all IFTTT applets available for Glance clock?

Glance clock IFTTT service is available here - https://ifttt.com/glanceclock. If you need more applets, just reach us out via support@glanceclock.com

To connect your Glance to IFTTT channel, please add IFTTT app to your dashboard in the Glance App, link your account, and use the code to login into IFTTT channel. 

What are the iBeacon and Always On modes for?

With iBeacon mode enabled, iOS can wake the Glance app up when your phone enters or leaves the area of your clock. In the future, this feature will allow us to update your clock instantly when you get to your home or office. 

Always On is another feature to help the Glance app be active while you are near your clock. Once your clock gets connected to your mobile device, the clock will start updating one Bluetooth characteristic every two minutes. thus, your clock will get updates when one is available on the Glance cloud side.  

Can I create my own apps for Glance clock?

Check our Open APIs - http://docs.glanceclock.com/ The official release will by this Summer. If you need early access let us know via support@glanceclock.com


What to do if clock hands do not show the correct time?

To calibrate time on your Glance, please do the following:
  • Open Glance app
  • Go to "Settings" >  "Clock info" > "Clock hands calibration". 
  • Tap "START CALIBRATION". Hands of your clock will start spinning. 
  • Please wait until your clock highlights a green segment at the 12:00 position and displays the text "Homing done. Confirm hands position."
  • If hands are not at 12:00 position, please take off both hands and place the short hand at 12:00 first. Please don’t press too hard; there should be a gap between the fabric face and the hand. Attach the long hand right above the short one. Please use dots and the black lines inside the green segment as a guide.
  • Confirm the correct 12:00 position in the App by tapping "YES"
  • If the hands are at the noon position, just tap "YES"
  • Wait before hands stop spinning and confirm that the displayed time is correct.
  • If the clock shows wrong time after the process is completed, please, contact Glance clock support team by sending report via the app or via support@glanceclock.com

How to reset my clock?

The reset button is located on the backside of your Glance inside the hanger slot. You will need a pin (like a sim pin from a smartphone) to press this button.

Please note, that you should reset your clock only if something goes wrong. If the reset does not help, please contact us support@glanceclock.com.

iOS 11 issue updating information on the clock

If you're using iOS 11 and you find that your clock doesn't get notifications and updates when the app is in background, you're affected by an iOS bug that prevents the app to be woken up when it's not active. Some information might not be delivered to your Glance clock due to this issue. 

In iOS 11 it's been observed that silent push notifications are ignored by iOS when the app is in background/suspended and only work when the app is active (which defeats the purpose of silent push notifications - which exist for exactly this purpose: to allow the OS to wake up the app so it can process certain data behind the scenes). 

Apple released iOS 11.1 in October when the delivery mechanism was improved.Before the iOS 11.1 was released, we were looking for an alternative method to deliver notifications to your Glance, and we found one. Try iBeacon and Always On features. These features are designed to keep the app awake while you are in the Bluetooth range of your clock.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook