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The most popular App for Glance clock is a calendar. Glance can display information from Google calendar, by taking information from your Google account and from Apple calendar directly from your iOS device.

Your calendar can be displayed in three modes that you can enable from Glance App:

Glance clock Calendar as a clock face

Day schedule as a clock face

Glance clock Calendar Appointments

As Notifications

Glance clock Calendar Periodically

Day schedule periodically

Glance Clock - Apple Calendar - As Clock Face

Day schedule as a clock face (As Clock Face or ACF)

If you select this mode, all your calendar events from the current time to twelve hours ahead will be always visible on the Glance clock face. The picture on the screen is updated every 15 minutes to make information about the appointment is up to date. In ACF mode Glance does not show the name of the event because the scrolling text is very annoying. 

Every colored segment on the Glance clock face is representing a particular event in your calendar. It starts on time when the event is about to begin and the side relates to a duration of the event. Glance clock takes events colors from your calendar so that you can understand what kind of activities you have at a glance. 

If you have overlapping events, Glance clock will change the thickness of the segment to show both events. The day schedule picture looks better when events have different colors. If your calendar is on one color and events are overlapping you won't see a border between one and another, so we are encouraging you to play with colors of your events to get more out of Glance clock.    

Glance Clock - Apple Calendar - On Event

Appointments notifications (As Notifications)

In this mode, you will get notifications about upcoming events, in the same manner, you get them on your smartphone. Glance system reads triggers that you set when creating a calendar event, 10 minutes before the event, for example, and then show you a notification on the Glance clock face. 

If a reminder is set for more than 5 min before an event, Glance will show the upcoming appointment and its name as well as further events, so you will see what is coming next. 

If a reminder is set for less than 5 min before an event, Glance will show only upcoming event and its name so you can clearly see that will happen soon. 

Glance Clock - Apple Calendar - On Schedule

Day schedule periodically (On Time and Recurring) 

In the Recurring mode, Glance shows your calendar every 60 minutes. When it’s time to show your calendar, you will see all your calendar events starting from the current time to twelve hours ahead, one next to another. For example, at the beginning of the day, you can get a clear picture of your day and how it looks like. 

The On Time mode shows your calendar on the selected time.You can set a particular time when you want to see your calendar, 9:00 am for instance. at 9:00 am your Glance clock will show all your upcoming appointments for the next twelve hours.