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7-rule gift guide for stress free X-mas shopping!

7-rule gift guide for stress free X-mas shopping!

This "7-Gift Rule" helps you with to shop in a relax way and makes you think of unique and fun gifts!

You may have heard about the “7 Gift Rule” but what you may not know is just how much time and stress it can save you! The 7-gift rule is often targeted at children but it works perfectly to anyone!  In this blog we will explain more about how it works. 

What is the 7-gift rule?
It is the concept of buying only a set number of gifts for each individual, with each gift falling into a specific category. As you may have to guess, the specific number of gifts for this rule is 7.
 You buy one gift to fit in each category and by the end; you have 7 gifts to give. You should go with the number of gifts that you feel comfortable with, there is no right or wrong number. 

There are several variations of the rule – the 4-gift rule, the 5-gift rule, the 10-gift rule. It all started as the 4-gift rule (Which are the first 4 on our list), but it has slowly developed into more gifts.

Who is the 7 Gift Rule good for?
The 7 Gift Rule is excellent for anyone, especially for those who have a huge compulsion to just buy every-every-single-gift-possible! It is also a brilliant way to stick to a budget and not over-spent on your loved ones.
When this rule is done correctly, those 7 gifts can hold greater value than 70 gifts!

 What are the 7 categories in the 7 Gift Rule?

  1. Something They Want
    Many times, we make a Christmas list and for this reason this category is the easiest to start with. You can pick something from the list and your first task is done. No list? No problem! Make a list of about 5 hobbies and interests and think about related products. All you have to do is to be creative, and the options open up! Some ideas on gift ideas:
  • Interest Technology – of course you will have a perfect and original with our glance clock 
  • Hobbies Gaming – you can buy a gift card for online games
  • Hobbies Cooking – you can buy a cookbook of her/his favorite food
  1. Something They Need
    Something they need can be just about anything and have any budget.  Whether it be a new toothbrush, a new set of paints, a phone or stuff for their favorite hobby. Something they need gift ideas
  • Sport supplies
  • Gadgets
  • Art & crafts
  1. Something to Wear
    We probably all have gotten socks for Christmas at some point, so that is where “Something to wear” comes in! It doesn’t have to be socks but can also be something else to wear like a sweater, gloves or fashion accessories!
  1. Something to Read
    Something to read does not always have to be a boring cliché gift but you can also be innovative. Besides a hard copy book you can also think about a subscription to an e-book, a magazine subscription or a comic book.
  1. Something to Do
    This gift is a brilliant gift that encourages (outdoor) activities and create new and fresh adventures. Think of something they love to do and go from there. Do they love movies? Or going to concerts? There are heaps of amazing ideas to give the gift of something to do! 
  1. Something For “Me”
    The idea behind “Something for me” is to get them something special, that is just for them. This can be difficult but there are still plenty of options. Keep in mind you want to give a present or something that gives a a lovely memory that you can keep forever. You can, for example, think about things like a photo frame, personalised jewellery, a scrapbook you made for someone special or one on one time with your loved one.
  1. Something For Family
    For our last gift, we have something for the family. 
This is our favorite because this is where we really get down to the importance of Christmas – spending time with the ones you love. This gift can be something that you give each individually or one gift for the entire family to enjoy. Whichever it is, it will be great. Depending on your budget you can think about a board game for the whole family, entrance to a theme park or a short holiday break.

Now you know how it works, it is time for the next step… making your shopping list and… start shopping! You can read more about efficient shopping with a Pomodoro timer in this blog  

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